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Alphabet-ical Order

Live/Love Some More - Living by the romantic notion of loving all.

The inspiration for this collection came from my roller coaster experience  at Project Runway Season 13.  With bitter sweet memories I designed this collection that spoke of the fashion/emotional statements I tried to make throughout the competition.

I have a strong point of view and a very personal eye for design and color, I chose to stay honest to myself and go home instead of doing something that wasn't me.

For me fashion like art transcends political, cultural and geographical boundaries. My customer has a confident voice loud enough to stand for her own beliefs, she is not blinded by trends-she makes her own rules and follows her own heart.

She has it in her to change the world and make it dance on her tunes. Come be a romantic rebel with me, the only rule we have here is that there is NO RULE.   


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ColorBomb Explosion - It is a literal explosion of color and alphabets on the dress.

Color Hand-Laced Jacket- Color in B/W

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